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You Have a Site on Web and Want to Turn it Multilingual 

Keep your Style
Maintain your web-site in your proprietary look. We translate the text of your file to match the original design of your Web pages as far as we can.
Internationalize your web-site
The World Wide Web is wearing an appearance of the English speaking system. However, this world is a multilingual one and more than one quarter of its population speaks and reads Chinese. Communication, be it interpersonal, on business or for research, is mostly conducted in one's mother tongue. Here is where we come in to offer our service to translate your English web-sites to Chinese traditional writing (Big 5 code) and/or simplified writing (GB code) for the Asian Pacific readers.
Like to call on us as far as Norway?
Just send your English or Chinese web-pages to our e-mail address at, we shall mail you back the translated web pages (Chinese or English respectively). If you like to pass us a whole bunch of files, simply pack them into a ".zip" file, and mail it to us at the abovesaid e-mail address; we will send back the Chinese translation version of your files in the same manner. We act as an output centre for speedy translation assignments and you will get translated materials with clicks of a mouse. 
Effective and Cost-saving
Save time and money for setting up a new web-site. For a small amount of translation fee, you will get your web-page files in Chinese. People involved in this production process do not need to meet each other. Send your message to us through e-mail will do the same job just like having a designated translator at your command. 
Contact Us
We are a Hong Kong based company. We help the west meet the east. We speak and write English and Chinese. We interpret your message and match it with appropriate vocabulary. In Mainland China, simplified Chinese code is used, which is incompatible with the traditional Chinese characters used in Hong Kong, Taiwan or in some other places in Southeast Asia. Your English web-site may need to be translated either into traditional Chinese or simplified Chinese, or even into both editions depending on which target markets you are heading for. | | | Tiglion Travel | Tiglion Consultancy | Auspharm

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