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There are so many companies doing this job, if we do not have the unique services to offer we dare not invite you to join us. We do not just produce a webpage for you. We make it effective. We offer you a range of comprehensive services on production, hosting and promotion of your webpage. Our associated company, Tiglion Consultancy Company Limited, is an Internet Access Provider in Hong Kong. We host your webpage in our internetworking servers. We add new and remove outdated information of your webpage at very short notice. We post your webpage at One-Stop Shop for Travellers. From here see how you begin to reap the benefits of employing our service.
Design, host, promote and translate web pages. Our web marketing programs offer business corporations a wide range of choices and approaches that web advertising customers could easily adopt.


One-Stop Shop for Travellers -

Right Platform
As there are so many pages in the internet world, it is easy to have your page drown in the sea of information. Users are impatient to click on the 18th or 80th search result page of the World Wide Web searching machines for a listing of your webpage. 

Our One-Stop Shop for Travellers provides solutions for you. When users try to access information on a specific topic they will go to a site that is a One-Stop Shop, so they do not have to wander around searching.

Brand Name
Post a webpage at One-Stop Shop for Travellers, people will know immediately what subject of information your page is about by just a glance of your webpage address.
Content of Our Site Keep Visitors Coming Back Day After Day
Our site is on the subject of "travel" and "insurance". We have thousands of travel and insurance pages to give visitors the information on the subject matters they need. We have carefully chosen links to lead them to relevant interesting and informative sites in other parts of world.
Market Targets
One-Stop Shop for Travellers is prepared in English, Traditional Chinese (Chinese Big5) and Simplified Chinese (Chinese GB). Having said that there were not too many information consolidated Chinese pages appeared on the World Wide Web, there is about one quarter of the world population speaks and reads Chinese. If a Chinese travel customer finds our site, would he not go after it and bookmark it? Hurry up, post your webpage here to reach this large population in the Greater China Region, and of course also any other places in the world.

Save Breath
We understand your objectives and targets. We have the privileges of the support of our associated company, Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited in Hong Kong. Our associated travel company is in operation in its 21st year since 1982. Our colleagues from there are dealing with international travellers every day and they are the ones who use web information every day. They give us valuable advice on:
What travel matters international travellers are concerned with ?
What will be the most popular pages ?
What keywords we should put together with our programming techniques behind the pages ?
To what business directories we should promote a listing for your page ?
This saves a lot of your time and effort to explain to someone who does not understand the travel trade so good enough. 

We are based in Hong Kong
That is why we have the privilege to serve you better. Hong Kong is a well-known cosmopolitan city. With inhabitants of different nationalities we have the opportunity to get in touch with different cultures of the world. This help us a lot in our webpage production with the understanding of the feeling of people around the world and their respective modes of living and travelling. 
We are Multilingual
We translate your English message clearly and meaningfully to Chinese in both Big5 and GB codes. Mind you, these two use different vocabulary.  


We are Renowned for Our Aggressiveness and Efficiency
Even if your company is far away from our strategic location, i.e. the southern gateway to China, just send us your brochure or your message with any graphic image in the form of photos you want to put on your webpage, the rest of the job is ours. Your webpage might be one of the other award-winning sites the next time, who knows? | | | Tiglion Travel | Tiglion Consultancy | Auspharm

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