Value of China Coins

China Coin was the major currency used to trade with the imperialist countries in the treaty ports of China back then, therefore known to worldwide numismatic dealers. China Coin generates revenue as an auction item since China has been gaining international clout, its value will continue to increase under China’s “Belt and Road” initiative.

Mr Hung Yun Yuen

the founder of the company, is a diploma holder from Beijing University and a China Coin collector. He owns a unique collection of worldwide coins and army medals, and those from the period of China's late Qing Dynasty and Republic of China is our specialty. Hung is experienced in the business environment in Hong Kong and China, also in the public sector since his tenture was in connection with land management of the Hong Kong Government before starting the company.


China Coin Club is supported by an alliance of artefact collectors, scholars, auction house owners and professionals from various business disciplines for the following projects:

Object-based learning resources of Chinese history

Our curation of China Coin Club's valuable collection shows how feudal China becomes today's China, serving as a unique object-based teaching and learning resources of Chinese contemporary history. We make the learning process receptive by combining the historical analysis of artefacts with Wushu Culture resources owned by our associate company. Our Wushu Culture items are listed on the First Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory Of Hong Kong. These resources can be packaged as bespoke exhibitions, stage performances, interactive workshops and toolbooks that give an edutainment experience.

Collaborate with museums in cultural travel context

Identify opportunities to hold exhibitions in Hong Kong museums and deploy the competitive advantages of Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited, our associate company. These exhibitions are designed in the context of cultural travel that appeals to worldwide travellers who seek for authentic experience of Chinese root and culture. Target audience invariably includes exchange students, overseas Chinese, collectors, auction house owners, scholars and archaeologists. Such collaboration allows sustainable development of Hong Kong's travel and cultural industry.

Culture Travel Finder

Culture Travel Finder is a new information product exploiting the professional travel knowledge and established network of Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited, our associate company. We present visa requirements of worldwide countries to Hong Kong and China and vice versa, with historical and cultural analyses of our ancient and contemporary worldwide coins collection. Worldwide travellers and overseas Chinese can use Culture Travel Finder to plan for authentic cultural travel experience and acquire the required visas and travel documents for the visit.

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