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Auspharm Trading (H.K.) Limited
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Auspharm Trading (H.K.) Limited (Auspharm) (operating China Coin Club), founded in the late 1980s, innovates cultural commodities with contemporary ICT under the framework of knowledge economy.
Since 1996, Auspharm licensed as a general insurance agency (reg no. 96903619), transitioned from a trade-centric business to building online transaction processing applicatons for general insurance. From product introduction, instant quotation, online credit card payment to printing valid insurance policy, all can be done online on for travel insurance and for household and domestic helper insurance. From "buy, sell, fulfillment" to "payment and delivery", sales processes are all done online. Similar process applications letting the demand side and supplies side meet can be tailor-made and adapted to different industries to increase ROI Return On Investment through Auspharm.
All over the years, Auspharm has been amassing a huge collection of scripts of Chinese traditional martial arts, military and other Chinese cultural masterpieces. Our resource center of wushu culture lacks no contemporary, highly-regarded icons in wushu. With such synergy, we are capable to foster teaching materials in wushu incorporating morals and ethics education at primary and secondary schools.
Traditional Chinese martial arts is an item categorized under Intangible Cultural Heritage. With the help of audio-visual technology, wushu has surpassed its old restrictive definition as a sport. Shanghai Sports Academy has pioneered in blending martial arts with performing arts by establishing martial arts performing department to set out a 4-year Bachelor degree course. The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong (The "Bar Wo" Association) has launched a guided tour to the Canton Opera Lab, letting visitors gain a peek on Canton Opera rehearsal, chapters/segments which demonstrate kicking skills, channelizing martial arts to the entertainment aspect of culture industry.
Auspharm is on its way launching a e-platform targeting martial arts lovers all over 193 countries worldwide, providing general people with remote learning wushu lessons. Wushu Culture Certificates are being awarded to those students who accomplished training schedules planned under the eLMS eLearning Management System in pursuance to practice of Chinese martial arts. eLMS being operated under Wushu Culture Resource, positions itself an innovative martial arts mentoring market. In the role model of a martial arts performer supplier on one hand, Auspharm also on the other hand works around ways for mobilizing ranks of all age groups to participate in the martial arts industry, exploring new job opportunities, and ultimately producing economic returns. Today, the spectrum of culture elaborated at the website introduced and presented artists crossing over sectors of drama performers, cartoonists, and other artist fields.
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Advertisement and promotion welcome at e-business platforms. The moment your video is published, the moment your messages get across to global and high income consumer groups of worldwide tourists and travellers, to knowledgeable classes and professionals who always take out insurance policies of households, domestic helpers, and also when they are on leisure trips or journeys out of town. You will also draw attention from martial arts/wushu lovers, learned classes and performing artists of cultural and creative industries. Please contact:
Mr Hung,  Auspharm Trading (H.K.) Limited
Tel 852-25987660  or  852-94979224  or  852-90713182
Email           Fax 852-25197296
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Auspharm Trading (H.K.) Limited
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